Oquirrh Mt. Temple Cornerstone Ceremony

When President Monson performed the cornerstone ceremony at the temple during the first dedication, the Cornerston Choir, of which I was a part, sang "How Great Thou Art" and "Song of Praise". As I sang the words, "when through the woods and forest glades i wander, when I look down from lofty mountain grandeur, and hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze...then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee--How great thou art" I related how I felt this summer as I spend a lot of time in the woods and on top of mountains. I looked down over the valleys and was so grateful that I knew who created this glory.

I gained a solid testimony that President Monson is a true prophet of God. I supported him before, of course, but seeing his interaction with sacred things and children, I realized he truly has been called of God. I've prayed since President Hinckley passed away, to know for myself if Thomas Monson was a prophet. I know now.

I was so grateful my grandchildren could see for themselves he is a prophet. They watched him closely on the front row of people. They felt his aura and the surrounding power he wields holding the priesthood. Seeing him as close as they did will be a treasured memory for the rest of their lives. When things get tough for them, I pray they can remember this and retrieve strength they need. The gospel is not relief from pain, it is resource in event of pain and hard times.

Larry, Kristen, and I attended the dedication Friday at 3:00. We sat in one of the sealing rooms with the beautiful mirrors and chandelier. I was honored to sit with Kristen. She really is a special spirit. During Pres. Monson's talk before the dedicatory prayer, he thanked all of the choirs, and blessed that they (we) all might receive blessings for singing. I was touched by the Spirit several times, and that alone was worth the sacrifice to come home every weekend from Island Park. I am blessed ten-fold because of the choir and the domino effect on family. Life is no easier, but my ability to deal with things seems to be better for now. I can feel the Spirit more quickly, I feel calmer, and my family has been blessed.