More Opry Hotel

Life-sized Nativity set in front of the Hotel

Loving sisters in paradise

Bryn by a waterfall

Posted by Picasa I can't even comprehend the man-hours it takes to build, maintain, and decorate this place. RaNae told me she came to Nashville on a layover and had time to tour the hotel. It was one of the highlights of her flying days. I felt an extra boost of love for her when I called and talked to her, while I stood on a beautiful walkway above hidden gnomes, about the now-shared experience.

Opryland Resort

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Walking around the hotel was like walking into a fairy land! We passed the Vanderbilt football team as we entered (they played Boston 2 days later and won). I thought we would walk around the 2-level room and be done, but every time we walked through a doorway, we viewed a new atrium full of exotic plants, waterfalls, and Christmas visionary delights! The experience was enhanced by sharing it with people I love.
(Pics starting at bottom circling left clockwise)
1. Watching the water fountain 'ballet'.
2. Jared and Coco on the walkway above one of the restaurants.
3. The girls posing in front of one of the 'rooms'.
4. One of the huge Christmas trees!
5,6,7 Looking down on the water ballet.
8. The 3 girls and Jared peeking out from behind the waterfall!