Perfection is a journey, not a destination.

As much as I feel overwhelmed or guilty because I never feel like I'm organized enough, good enough, skinny enough, or smart enough, I really do like my life.
*I love to teach--even if those 10 out of 200 kids aren't living up to their potential no matter how much I try and inspire them.
*I love coming home at the end of a super busy and long day and knowing I really did work hard, even if I didn't get enough done.
*I love coming home to my DH, because he is glad to see me, patient that I spend more time at school than he does (he is a better-organized teacher than me), and he usually takes care of dinner. ha!
*I love weekends!
*I love my kids and all the people they have brought into my life--their spouses, their kids, and their friends and the lessons they taught me since they were born. Some lessons were easier on the heart than others, but I still learned.
*I love the Gospel and know that the Lord loves me in spite of my weaknesses and I know that He knows I try to be a little bit better every day.
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