The Marathon of Life

I wanted to figure out why I am so beat when the day ends, so I actually kept a notebook on hand and recorded everything I did in one day. This is for my own pity-party, so if you want to go play on Facebook instead of read this, I still respect you!

3:50 am My body and mind woke up whether I approved or not.

4:15 am Gave up on the 'might go back to sleep' fantasy, and got out of bed. Cleaned a bit and got ready for school.

6:15 am I get to school thinking I can organize my office and set up a couple of tools before students come in.

6:35 First student showed up at school for help--he watched me set up one of the miter saws I bought last night at Lowes to replace a broken one. I helped him on his project.

6:40 2 more students showed up to work on their project.

6:50 I'm thinking I may not get much done, because a few more students come by to talk. I sigh, thinking 'isn't this the reason I got into teaching' and enjoy their company. One student tells me his goals for school--he wants to work in the automotive industry, and has hopes for a scholarship to help him with that goal. Another student tells me that his family's company is being sued by his weird Grandma, even though the Dad saved it from going under--no love lost between them. Other students wanted to know how to fix problems with their projects. I'm expected to know ALL the answers to complicated projects or screw-ups, and although although I help them figure out solutions, I get a bit over-whelmed sometimes and have to rely on inspiration from higher sources than me! (who says you can't pray in school!)

7:00 A student comes in who made me a beautiful vase in ceramics, and I must sheepishly confess to accidently breaking it yesterday when I hit it with my knee. :-( I felt so bad, but he laughs it off and says he will make another one.

7:10 I register students on the computer who won SkillsUSA State competitions for the national conference in June.

7:20 A student comes in to ask about questions about his bed posts.

7:30 School starts. While I am teaching, 2 students come in to see if I can build them a frame for their art project. Their teacher sent them in. I did a couple of things for it, and one of my students offered to finish it for them. (they were cute and he ended up being the hero--it all works out!)

After class and before the next class, I sit down to put attendance and daily grades. Someone else who works at the school comes in to ask about refinishing their antique furniture. The question moved from refinishing, to 'will you build a piece for it'. I try to be nice and pick out a piece of wood that will work. (they later come in to say it's not big enough--so I have joint, rip, and glue boards together, later plane, cut and sand--when I give it to her, she says she wants carving on it, so I have to take it back to the shop, set up the C and C router to carve it. She picked it up and put it in her car 'so I wouldn't be bothered by anyone else wanting one'. How thoughtful. lol

After the next class, I sat down again at the computer again to put grades in and order SkillsUSA clothing for competitors. Another student walks in to ask about a vacuum bending machine I ordered a couple of weeks ago is in yet. Nope. He sat and talked...

I figured out how much is in the SkillsUSA account so I know how much I can help students with the cost of the national competition.
Read email, and found out that an short article I wrote for the district newsletter is published so students can get praise for their success at the SkillsUSA state competition. Yeah!

While I was eating lunch working on my computer, a student came in to tell me that he was driving a car and he was hit by a another car that swerved out of the way to avoid hitting a cat and hit him instead. The student was holding a phone, ipod, and a shake. When hit, the shake flew out of his hand and landed right-side up. No damage to his car. Is that talent or dumb luck?

Walked to the office, picked up papers from my box, turned in my preferred schedule of classes for next year, set up paperwork for a parent meeting for the SkillsUSA, set out tools to change a cutterhead on the shapers, finished setting up the chop saw.

Organized a Busartra Bash get-together (business--art--trades). A few teachers trade-off bringing goodies so we can sit down and enjoy each others company.

Ran around the shop 20 times to get some exercise in and get ready for a 5K.

4th Period: I stopped students from using the bad chop saw without a guard that had been unplugged and locked until they set it up again, when the new one I had just set up was sitting there. And I wonder why I don't sleep at night! Set up the Shop Bot to carve a pine cone for the blanket chest of a student, Mr. Park (principal) came down to talk to me about a student-of-the-month breakfast I was invited to attend the following morning since I nominated one of my students. Later he caught one of my students in the hall sluffing. 6 students cut their rails wrong length--one had set up the stop, and the rest followed suit without checking. (sigh) Recut new wood for them to use. Helped the rest of the class work on their projects.

2:25 School is over. Ran to the office for a bathroom break and a breather

2:40 Lab with 20 students.

A student came in to ask me to change his Incomplete to a B because he finally finished his project and took it home
Filled out the paperwork for the sluffer in 4th period.

4:45 The last of the students left
Found out the 2 of the brand new tape measures are gone
Checked email
I filled out the paperwork for the change of grade.

Son asked for an address so I got it for him
Got ready for a stress-relief PACK class tomorrow--a class to help students feel involved. I'll do a meditation lesson with a couple of my CD's. Made some copies of lesson materials

6:45 Arrived home--hip hip hooray! Larry had fixed dinner, I sat down and played on Facebook and checked blogs I like and watched American Idol. This is my take-it-easy time

10:30 Bedtime! Read for 15 minutes, rolled over and slept, ready to start again in the morning. Woohoo!
So if you stayed this long to read all of this blather, you really are a friend!

I know I have reasons for my bleary brain and I can really feel sorry for myself (not).
I like my job, but I sure look forward to the summer to read, hand-sew, hike, and enjoy nature in the mountains!
I've decided that if God can get to the end of the day and say it is good (and He had six really busy days) then I should get to the end of my day and appreciate the activity, health, accomplishments, and lose some of the guilt, don't cha think?
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The End of the Day

I don't know why it is that no matter how much I listen to conference, I get to the end of the Sunday afternoon session and feel like I haven't learned enough, or felt enough of the Spirit, or absorbed all of what was meant for me.

I feel like I'm so thirsty for truth (don't get much on network tv) and it's so refreshing to hear it, that I don't want it to end. I hear the first hymn the Tab Choir sings and my soul sighs and feels home. We 'gather' around the Prophets in the 'tent' of our own home just like in King Benjamins day.
The last talk by the Prophet leaves me wishing for more! ...and guilty that during the 8 hours of conference, I didn't listen harder or become the organized, angelic, spiritual giant that I wish I was. I take notes and write down messages that meant something to me, but it doesn't seem like it's enough. The perfectionist in me says "Be a better person NOW! But the realist in me says "Enjoy the time listening to men and women of God and appreciate whatever Spirit you feel".
I love that I can multitask while I listen. But do I lose the message? Maybe sometimes, but I also think that it's like when I read the Book of Mormon. It's not just in the words where I learn spiritual things. It's the needed personal revelation that comes to me when I'm doing things that are asked of me.
Reading the Conference edition of the Ensign and listening to Relief Society lesson summaries brings those sacred prophetic messages to heart as I hear them repeated. Maybe then the organized, angelic, spiritual giant will appear!