Nashville Christmas 2008

Visiting Jared and Sandy for Christmas was a highlight of the entire year. Their family is fun, spiritual, giving and my life is improved for being with them for a week.

Treasured memories!
  • Bryn's massage and giving up her room for a week
  • Scotlyn's card and the Tinkerbell fun
  • Coco's melt-a-way hugs!
  • Sandy's talks and the help with the blog
  • Jared's 'jokes' and the blog title design
  • Jared and Sandy shopping extra so I would have something to open on Christmas and Larry for thinking of me
  • The ID bracelet so if I end up squashed on the road (not totally unlikely with my history), the emergency crew can find someone who loves me.

  • Memories of the Louisville Slugger Museum that a wood shop teacher can appreciate
  • A road trip to 2 new states to add to my repertoire (Kentucky and Indiana)

  • Logan's and the tasty peanut butter dessert
  • The Mall trek (thanks Jared, for suffering through a Mall experience)
  • The amazing, jaw-dropping, extraordinary, top-of-the-line Grand Ol' Opry Resort Christmas decoration experience
  • The movie and popcorn
  • Turk's in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out potty travels through the door.

  • The trip to the Nashville temple to recall appreciation of eternal families
  • Making O'henry bars with 3 cute little helpers!
  • and every minute in Tennessee!